Niagara's Strategic Advantage

It's a well known fact that each year millions of people visit Niagara's many tourist attractions. While Niagara regularly welcomes the world, Niagara's manufacturers access the world too. With a superior location, competitive business environment, strong manufacturing economy and a solid inventory of serviced land, the Niagara Region is ideally positioned for manufacturing investment.

Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Generationg Station Niagara Falls


Ontario's Gateway to the U.S. Northeast

Niagara-based manufacturers are closer to major American eastern seaboard population centres than anywhere else in Canada. Over 130 million people live within 500 miles, and Niagara has the infrastructure to reach them efficiently.

Peace Bridge Fort Erie/Buffalo


Ontario's Most Cost-Competitive Centre

KPMG's authoritative Competitive Alternatives 2014 report ranks the Niagara Region as the most cost competitive jurisdiction in Ontario, and sixth overall across Canada. Niagara offers business tax rates are highly-competitive and benefits from attractive hydro rates.

GM Canada Powertrain Facility St. Catharines


A Robust, Skilled Workforce

With a population of over 430,000 and an accessible labour market of over one million, Niagara can meet the need for almost any type of skilled labour. The region's diversified manufacturing base has nurtured a strong technical workforce with ready-to-go experience and depth in precision machining, electrical & connectivity, hydraulics, power distribution and more.

Niagara's exceptional quality of life facilitates out-of-town recruitment of top talent. Area residents enjoy safe neighbourhoods and schools, community amenities, easy commutes and a low cost of living.

Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Generationg Station Niagara Falls


Leveraging World-class Research, Technology and Innovation

Niagara is a model for innovation, with strong networks between industry, academia and government. Brock University and Niagara College have a combined full-time enrollment of 28,500 in the Region, and McMaster University maintains a campus in St. Catharines as well.

Norgen Biotek Corp. Thorold


Financial Incentives for Industrial Investment

In addition to participating in numerous provincial and federal programs to help finance industrial investment, Niagara's municipalities are eager to help business with grants and tax assistance. Many of these programs are linked with existing property inventories to facilitate site selection and program applications.

Harry Diffin Industrial Park Welland


Manufacturing Excellence & Expertise

With a long history of manufacturing, Niagara has the physical, human and logistical infrastructure to support state-of-the-art industrial production. A hotbed for advanced manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, electric generation and new energy technologies, Niagara has ready-to-go expertise to give its manufacturers a competitive edge.

Airbus Helicopters Canada Fort Erie


A Team Approach to Economic Development

Niagara's municipalities collaborate closely to encourage business investment and economic growth across the region. Led by the Region's Economic Development division and the professional economic development officers in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fort Erie, and Port Colborne, the team strives to support business attraction, expansion and retention.